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Innocon is a project management and construction firm operating predominately in the commercial sector of refurbishment and new build construction. With over 30 years of industry experience, the team at Innocon have a proven track record with the successful delivery of a vast array of projects carried out to a high level of finish, on time and to budget. Innocon’s management are heavily involved in all aspects of each project ensuring client expectations are achieved and maintained from start to finish.

“Nothing makes us happier than seeing a successful project through from concept to completion”

Innocon’s proficiency lies in its people, systems and onsite protocols. We believe in a flat management approach with both clients and stakeholders and we pride ourselves on our quality of work and reputation.

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Innocon’s business model is based upon building and maintaining client relationships and in turn gaining repeat work and steady growth. Our experience and extensive network with architects, engineers and consultants ensure that we are across all of our client’s requirements from initial design, tendering through to project management and commissioning and handover.

We offer a tailored based approach especially during the initial stages and in design in order to provide value engineering and cost savings to our clients.

Our approach is to understand client’s requirements and deliver value through design engineering and innovative solutions.

The greatest control over the outcome of a project is usually determined in the initial stages of a project. By liaising or engaging with us up front in the early stages of a project our extensive construction knowledge can help to reduce costs and add greater value to a project. We understand the building process thoroughly and can help develop practical and efficient construction methods in order to minimise risk.

Design changes are often required for a number of reasons such as budget constraints and buildability issues and play a heavy influence on the overall time and cost of a project. By engaging us to handle the design we can greater influence construction and thus provide greater control over cost, quality and time to help deliver the best outcome possible.

We understand that sometimes ideas and plans can change. By adopting a construction management method based on a cost plus fee approach we can still achieve the best value possible whilst maintaining a degree of flexibility for the client. Our extensive relationship with subcontractors will always ensure that the best value and quality finish for a project will always be achieved.

Fixed contracts help control costs and allow us to streamline the construction process. We understand there are risks involved in building and with a set price the client can ensure these risks are minimalised. With fixed design and costs, construction can progress more quickly which will allow completion of the project to a tighter deadline.

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